To remind us to have our breasts examined.

Don't forget to get your breasts checked regularly!


Healthy Snack Alternatives from Denise Austin

Healthy Snack Attacks!

Is midday or late-night munching sabotaging your Eat Right! plan? Snacking itself isn't bad — people often comment that I'm constantly nibbling! It's all about smart snacking choices. See how these common snacks stack up to their healthier alternatives:

  • Instead of one scoop of ice cream, have 15 frozen grapes or one small frozen banana. You'll save 150 calories and 11 grams of fat while satisfying your craving for something sweet!
  • Instead of a handful of potato chips, reach for one cup of peeled baby carrots or celery sticks. You'll satisfy your urge to crunch and save 125 calories and 19 fat grams!
  • Instead of butter-lovers' microwave popcorn, have 3.5 cups of air-popped popcorn. You'll save 125 calories and 14 grams of fat!
  • Instead of a candy bar, have a chocolate frozen yogurt bar. You'll save 150 calories and 11 grams of fat!


One month blog aniversary.

This week marks my one month and going mark here. How have I done on meeting my 30 day goals well let's take a look shall we.

I have found a layout I like really well.

I went through all of my posts over at yahoo 360 and transfered them here so I could build up my content here.

I have a pretty good sidebar going and I am comfortable with the positioning and such as it doesn't look clunky or awkward.

I can't do anything with compiling a list of my resources here at home until I can get a book shelf and get all the stuff out of boxes so that is on my to do list for the 6 month goals.

I still need to put all of my diet related pictures and images in one folder for quick reference.

So I am very pleased with how this blog is coming along. The Blog Carnival is a great idea and I will continue to do that. Now I just need to market this blog more. I can add that to my 6 month goals.

So my 6 month goals look like this.

1. Spread the word
2. Continue to look for relevant content to blog on
3. Get more local people to notice my blog and encourage them to make comments
4. Look for health related widgets and modules to add(this is ongoing and will change as is needed)
5. Survey consistent readers to find out how useful and informative they feel this blog is.
6. I also want to add to this list writing at least one article by me and setting aside one afternoon a week to research and post the article.